Fairtrade changes lives.

Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. This enables them to have more control over their lives and decide how to invest in their future.

As a leader in the global movement to make trade fair, Fairtrade supports and challenges businesses and connects farmers and workers with the people who buy their products.

By choosing Fairtrade, people can create change through their everyday actions. A product with the FAIRTRADE Mark means producers and businesses have met internationally agreed standards which have been independently certified. This includes:

  • The Fairtrade Minimum Price is the minimum price farmers’ organizations receive when selling their products through Fairtrade. It aims to cover the costs of sustainably producing their crop and acts as a safety net when market prices drop.
  • The Fairtrade Premium is an extra sum of money that farmers or workers invest in projects of their choice. They decide together how to spend the Fairtrade Premium to reach their goals, often towards improving their farming, businesses, or health and education in their community.
  • The Fairtrade Standards ensure fairer terms of trade between farmers and buyers, protect workers’ rights, and provide the framework for producers to build thriving farms and organizations.

Today, more than six million people – farmers, workers and their families – in 74 countries benefit from the unique Fairtrade system. Farmers and workers have a strong voice at every level of Fairtrade, from how they invest in and run their local organizations to having an equal say in Fairtrade’s global decision-making.

Find out more at fairtrade.com.au.